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Atikokan Municipal Airport

Why drive when you can fly? Atikokan Municipal Airport – Gateway to the Wilderness Next Door!

A short flight away, the unique Atikokan area awaits – featuring the famed Quetico Provincial Park – canoeing, camping, fishing, relaxation – leave your city life in the morning and fall asleep under the stars tonite.

There is no scheduled air service to the Atikokan Municipal Airport – charter and personal flights only.

The Atikokan Municipal Airport is well equipped to support the community and the area. The airport provides day-night, all weather service with a full range of facilities. The airport is at the center of the magnificent wilderness area and enjoys direct access to a float plane base. Visitors arriving at the airport can be transported to their wilderness destination in minutes.

Visit the CANPASS website for information on Canadian customs and immigration.

CYIB Atikokan Municipal Airport

  1. Latitude: North 48.46.26
  2. Longitude: West 91.39.19
  3. Runway: 3500’x100′ (22-04)
  4. Elevation: 1408 feet above sea level
  5. Facilities: Instrument Flying -, “IB”NDB 3.6nm 038 degrees, Avgas & Jet Fuel, Maintenance Facilities, Waiting Room, Flight Services via Air Radio on 122.3 MHZ
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