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Economic Profile

4.1.1 Economic Profile

The economy of Atikokan is based on forestry, a thermal generating station, government services, retail services, tourism and a mixture of light manufacturing businesses.

The thermal generating station, under the direction of Ontario Power Generation, supplies about one-quarter of the energy demand for Northwestern Ontario. Hydro burns low sulfur lignite coal brought in from Western Canada. Ontario Hydro has been responsible for the immigration of a number of people, as well as providing employment opportunities for many Atikokanites.

There are a number of government services available in Atikokan. The government services provide employment for well educated people who bring a variety of skills and trades to the Atikokan area.

The retail sector is a significant employment contributor in Atikokan. Atikokan has a variety of stores, shops and restaurants catering to the residents of Atikokan as well as visitors.

Tourism is a major industry in Atikokan. The natural beauty of the area attracts thousands of visitors every year. Much of Atikokan’s retail sector is directed toward providing complete customer service to tourists. There are a number of resorts, lodges, camps and outfitters in theAtikokan area that greatly enhance the tourism industry.

The outdoors and wildlife are a central theme for most of the light manufacturing businesses in Atikokan. Atikokan’s unique wilderness setting has resulted in canoe and paddle manufacturers becoming established in Atikokan. In addition, there are manufacturing businesses that produce Atikokan souvenirs.

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