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Voyageur Wilderness

Accommodations / Outfitters & Resorts

Since 1960, Voyageur Wilderness is Quetico’s premier eco-adventure outfitter located on exclusive Voyageur Island, Nym Lake (which borders Quetico Park) off Hwy 11, Atikokan, Ontario. VWP is the perfect stepping stone into the wilderness.

With environment, sustainability and service as our priority, VWP specializes in comprehensive and affordable eco-trips for individuals, families, groups and school field trips; from beginner to expert traveler. VWP is family owned and operated; our extensive experience is the foundation for providing quality, genuine, authentic, comprehensive eco-outfitting services:

  • Deluxe eco-outfitting packages, complete group package to partial eco-outfitting
  • Bed & Breakfast pre and post-park accommodations
  • Lake front sauna
  • Group “Adirondacks” (bunkhouses)
  • Pet Friendly
  • Route planning, maps
  • Shuttle service
  • Authorized issuer for MNR Park Permits & Fishing Licenses
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Eco-practices woven throughout all aspects of VWP

We look forward to hosting you in our traditional Voyageur spirit!
Open 7 days / week
May 15 – September 20

GPS coordinates for electronic map are: +48º41’44.08″;-91º28’14.55″ Voyageur Island, Nym Lake

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