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Atikokan Equine Trail Riders


Load your equine partner in the trailer and discover a diamond in the rough: trail riding in the friendly, welcoming community of Atikokan. TheOl‘ Steep Rock Mine provides a setting that is steeped in history. Experience riding past what once was Canada’s largest open pit mine or trot along the remnants of iron ore pellets. Wherever you look breath taking scenery surrounds you as you ride down old mine roads, snowmobile trails and Mother Nature’s endless pathways. Enjoy a variety of terrain and footing, traverse hillsides that lead to surprising lookouts, ride along the shore lines of pristine northern lakes or gallop along stretches of lush grass. The numerous trails here can be enjoyed in whatever combination suits your ability, time frame and the fitness of your horse.

Several members of the horse community in Northwestern Ontario have been introduced to the area through our annual Equine Poker Derby. Over the past few years, in early September we host a herd of riders for a day of horsy fun! Riders convene for the weekend at the CharelsonRecreation Area and set up camp. Participants either choose one of the temporary corrals or because of the trend towards camping and riding, most bring their own. As many as 60 riders have participated in this event. Saturday morning, rider’s saddle up and head out on an approximately 20 km loop. Riders test their skills along the way, collecting strategically placed ribbons from precarious places. Everyone is treated to a BBQ supper that evening and then prizes are awarded. Riders and horses settle in lakeside, by the campfire, to discuss trails ridden over the past few months and many agree that this ride has been the highlight of the summer riding season. We always have positive feedback from riders and all are pleasantly surprised at the phenomenal sites they have taken in. A common theme has emerged amongst all, after they visit once, they are committed to returning.

Plan a weekend of riding in Atikokan and share some of the best trails in Northwestern Ontario. Plan a ride with friends that are perfectly suited to you and your fellow riders or visit during our Poker Ride and learn some of the trail in the company of riders who have previous experience with the area. Either way it will be one of the best trail riding experiences of your life.

Quotes from riders:

  1. One of the best trail riding experiences of my life! Both myself and my horse had a great time in this fun, safe environment. Ending off with a swim in the lake was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait to come back! Kim K. Devlin, Ontario
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