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Girl Guides


The Aim of the Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada is to help girls and young women become responsible citizens, able to give leadership and service to the community, whether local, national or global. We believe strongly that the girls of Canada are best served by a program designed specifically for girls, and led by women. Although it is recognized that society is changing, it does not treat males and females equally. We believe Guiding is uniquely suited to the singular needs and aspirations of girls and young women today. It inspires an ethic of co-operation while encouraging leadership potential, it fosters in girls a sense of pride in their own gender and equips them to function as persons in their own right in these complex, competitive times. Guiding gives girls an opportunity during their formative years to experiment with various roles, and develop skills and capabilities, free from any negative or stereotyped attitudes. All-female organizations provide women with the opportunity to take executive and leadership positions and thus provide role models for girls. We believe that Guiding gives girls the opportunity to develop their sense of self-esteem. In The Emerging Generation, Bibby and Posterski report that “feelings of inferiority appear to be a major cause for concern for about one in three teens” and that teenage females (35%) are more likely than males (23%) to admit to having such feelings.

SPARKS Ages : 5-6yrs     Brownies Ages : 7-8yrs     GUIDES Ages : 9-12yrs     PATHFINDERS Ages : 12-15yrs

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