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Rainy River District Women’s Shelter of Hope

Shelters / Social Services

“Our vision is to live in a peaceful society without fear of violence; to have freedom of choices,

where people are equally valued.  We begin by valuing ourselves. ”

24 – Hour Crisis  Line:

Access to the Crisis Line is available at any time, providing immediate support and/or referral information to women who have been victims of abuse which include:  physical, sexual, financial, psychological and emotional.  The Crisis Line also provides services to both genders who are experiencing suicidal ideation and/or are in crisis situations. Crisis Line number is 1-807-597-6908 or toll free at 1-800-465-3348 or email at

Emergency  Shelter:

The Women’s Shelter is a safe and secure facility operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Safe transportation to the shelter can be arranged at any time, from anywhere in the Rainy River District at no cost to the client should finances be an obstacle.

Transitional  and  Housing  Support  Program:

This is a program designed to assist abused women in making decisions regarding their future and in particular, locating and securing safe, affordable, long-term housing.  The Transitional support Worker can assist women in accessing housing, safety planning, counselling, parenting support, educational upgrading, court advocacy, etc.  This Program is available to all women in the Rainy River District.

New Horizons – 2ndStage Housing:

The Centre operates a ten-unit apartment building that provides safe and affordable independent housing for women and their children who have left an abusive relationship.  Laundry facilities, child care, support groups, advocacy and counselling are made available.

Outreach   Program

The Rainy River District Women’s Shelter of Hope provides an Outreach Program in one of the outlying communities.  A 10-week Scrap-booking/Support Group is currently being held one afternoon per week.  A weekly Young Women’s Group is available in the  Rainy River District. Anyone interested in this program may phone, 1-800-465-3348 to register or to gather more information.

Child  Witness  Program

This is a 10-week treatment program for children aged 4-16, and their mothers, who have experienced domestic violence in their homes.  We provide these groups in Atikokan and throughout the Rainy River District.  A  3-day program covering all ten of the modules, can also be facilitated in your community when arranged in advance. Week long ‘sleep-away’ March Break or Summer Camps are also available.  Free transportation, meals, and crafts are provided to both women and their children.  Referrals from other service providers are encouraged.  Call (807)597-2868, ext 27 for Susan or toll-free 1-800-465-3348 and register families that have been exposed to women abuse.

Young  Women’s  Forum

This is a weekly support group for young women with educational and self-esteem building exercises, including cooking, budgeting, body images, personal safety and boundaries, crafts, etc.  Two facilitators provide this group experience.  The group is open to the public for girls aged 12- 18.  The young people are provided the opportunity to participate in the Young Women’s Conference held with the Rainy River District School Board in the spring of each year.  It is free of charge, and includes an expense-paid trip to Thunder Bay to tour the educational institutions, museum, and art galleries.  Call Tammy or Shawna at (807)597-1447 to find out more information.

Counselling Program

This is a weekly group for women in Atikokan that have been victims of violence or who require further intensive one-on-one counselling due to the trauma of abuse.  As well, a monthly women’s luncheon is held in the west end of the District, usually in Fort Frances for professional or working women that wish to remain informed of the services provided by the Rainy River District Women’s Shelter of Hope and/or wish to receive educational instruction on various topics important to women on a monthly basis.


“During the Vietnam War, 58,000 Americans died.  During the same time period, 54,000  women were murdered by their partners …..”




Transition house for the Rainy River District, providing emergency housing, support and assistance to women and children who have experienced violence. Confidentiality strictly maintained. 24 Hour Crisis line: 1.800.465.3348

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